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80s fashion: how to wear the appropriate 80s fashion clothes

The 80s fashion has in the recent past made a resurgence as far as fashion wear for both men and women is concerned.  The styles from the 1980s are been brought back to life in the fashion industry especially because of the onset of new designers who want to make an impressive influence in the 
80s fashion
80s fashion on Flickr. CC Image, Some rights reserved

fashion sector.  One of the most amazing things about the 80s fashion is that it never grows old.  The people born in the 80s decade and the decades before see this fashion as a jewel that is not fading away anytime soon.

The history of the 80s fashion:

The  80s fashion came to be from the late 1970s and  into the early 80s all through to the early 1990s.The trends in this fashion were mainly influenced by the MTV Music generation  that was very active during the 1980s. The success of popular musicians and artists of that generation also had a great influence on the fashion of the day.  Since then the 80s fashion has gone through different revolutions and transformations but even so, it has not lost its original uniqueness. 

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Common hair trends in the 80s fashion:
The 80s fashion was mainly characterized by  edgy trends that included  long hair for both men and women,  curly locks for  both genders,  dyed hairs and spiked  hairstyles.  The main idea behind the different trends on hair in this fashion was to make your hair look as outstanding and unique as possible. For you to have a unique hairstyle then, you had to do all you can to spice your hairstyle and look as if you are an UFO that has just landed.  

photo by tiffany terry, on Flickr. CC Image, Some rights reserved
The 80s fashion fabric trends:
Other than the diverse hair trends, the 80s fashion was also characterized by different fabric trends throughout the decade.  Actually, fabrics were the greatest trendsetters in this fashion.  Most fabrics especially those worn by women ranged from horrid styles to classically sexy trends with the latter being common among celebrities and artists.  One of the most common types of fabric in this fashion was the metallic material fabrics that were threaded using gold threads.  These outfits were a favorite night and party time fabric because they sparkled under dance lights in clubs and other entertainment joints.

The 80sfashion was exceptionally impressive as compared to fashions in the previous decades.  The clothes worn in this fashion had a strong contrast and classic juxtaposition in colors such as black and white.  While the present day fashion is greatly diversified, most of its roots are in the 80s fashion


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